Sunday, 18 December 2016

Vintage fantasy figures

A wargaming friend of a wargaming friend was lucky enough to pick up a large number of vintage wargaming figures from the late seventies at a flea market. Since I'm always interested in acquiring "old stuff", I bought a number of fantasy and science fiction figures in bulk from him for a friendly price. I wasn't really aware of what was in the boxes, but that's part of the fun: trying to identity all those old figures, browsing through old catalogues and collector's websites.

A batch of SF figures was already identified in a previous post, so now it's time to take a closer look at some of the fantasy figures. Below are the (easier) ones I could identify so far.

Here's a batch of "Lesser Orcs of the Red Eye" from Custom Cast, dated 1975. The base actually says Custom Cast 1975 - so they are probably not later recasts by Heritage.

Next, there's a group of pre-slotta Citadel Goblins. More precisely, from the Fiend Factory range, and these are models FF20, FF22 and FF23. Various variants were made of these figures, but the Collecting Citadel Miniatures site was a great help in identifying these. These were later also part of the C13 Night Goblins range.

Last but not least, there's a group of Minifigs. These are:
  • First 3 figures are Goblins from the Minifigs D&D range (GOB1, GOB2, GOB5).
  • 4 "True Orc Archers" (Mythical Earth range, ME23)
  • Hobgoblin marching with banner (HBG 11)
  • 2 Hobgoblin Sergeatnt with military fork (damaged, HBG 1)
  • Gnoll Chieftain w Broadaxe (GNL1)
  • Knight of the Silver Rose (w Halberd, but damaged)
  • Dark Ages (marking on base DA 44) - Viking Bondi


  1. What a dream, to find stuff like that at a flea market. All I ever find is old Abba records.