Sunday, 25 June 2017

I want my mojo back!

I just counted the miniature wargaming games we played since January. Exactly one! Shame on us!

Now, there are more important things in life than playing games, but still, it's a bit of a sad affair. There is of a course a good explanation. In our gaming group, there are 2 of us that host the games at their houses. If these 2 persons simultaneously experience some kind of slump due to real life, job pressure, a slight lack of motivation, ... then things start falling apart quite rapidly.

Also on the painting desk things have grinded to a halt. The figures sitting there right now have been undercoated the week after Crisis in november. Since then, no action whatsoever.

However, I have to admit I did write a few things for the Wargaming Mechanics blog.

I am not panicking. Not yet. But clutter starts to pile up on the gaming table as well as the painting desk, and that makes it hard to get things moving again. It's a sort of psychological barrier that becomes harder and harder to overcome.

Perhaps the upcoming summer months will bring some fresh mojo!


  1. Is it the lack of social gaming that has lead to the loss of painting mojo? If so, give solo gaming a try. Painting even for 30 minute a day can yield big dividends. My painting productivity has dropped recently as well but mine can be attributed (in most part) to a significant increase in gaming.

    I do enjoy your wargaming mechanisms posts so please keep those coming!

    Best wishes in recapturing your painting mojo.

  2. Jonathan,
    No, it's more an overall lack of time due to real life issues, which can become a self-reinforcing downward spiral such that it becomes harder and harder to pick up things once again.
    W.r.t. painting: I have never been a long-session painter, I have always been painting in short bursts, 15 or 30 minutes per day or so. But I can;t even manage that these days.

    Not to worry though, motivation will come back sooner or later. It just needs the right sparkle to be ignited again.