Thursday, 11 January 2018

Wet Paint: mushroom men

These guys are Reaper Bones miniatures which I got as part of either the first or second Bones Kickstarter (I forget which). In the deep background you can see the first of the three mushroom men, whom I painted quite a while ago -- he made it back on my painting desk as a painting reference for his two friends :).

All three mushroom men will form a part of my growing 'it came from the forest' fantasy force.


  1. But, but ... do we have an official army list for the Mushroom Men?

  2. BTW, what will be the other additions for the forest army?

    1. Anything that could conceivably come from the forest. On the 'to paint' pile for this force are wood elves, tiny green dragons, fairy creatures, a centaur, some frogmen, rat swarms and some kobolds. If it lives in the forest, it can go in the army :)