Saturday, 21 July 2018

Tactics II, Replay (2)

So, let's continue with turn 3. The weather is still perfect.

Turn 3 (July)

Red continues its drive on the Northern Front, with a renewed paratrooper & amphibuous landing in the back of Blue's defences.

Red Move 3
I don't have a picture of the combat outcomes, but below you can see Blue's desperate counterattacks. Seeing a major Red breakthrough, some 2-1 attacks are in order.

Blue Move 3, before combat resolution
 Alas, most of these attacks fail, leaving Blue in a dire situation on the Northern Front:

Blue Move 3, after combat resolution

Turn 4 (August)

The weather remains perfect (we're in August now), and Red continues its advance, trying to bring up more troops and attacking one of the remaining Blue's panzer divisions:

Red Move 4
 After combat resolution, the route to Blue's capital seems to be open. Can Blue recover?

Red Move 4, after combat resolution

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