Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Grenadier Music Band (2)

In a previous post I showed some of my toy soldiers which have been sitting on my painting table. I didn't have much time for the past month (exams and all that), but finally started working on some of the figures again.

The plastic music band turned out to be Charbens figures, and I mounted them on plastic 20x40mm bases to give them more uniform look (and a more stable pose). I will repaint them, such that they can join my other figures in the wargaming room.

Below you see (left and middle) two Guards figures from Britains. They are not from the Deetail range, since they are completely made of metal, except for their bearskin hat and their rifle, which is plastic. Probably figures from the 60s? On the right you see a modern Britains figure from the Ceremonial Collection ange. The idea is to (re)paint the two old figures such that they match the one on the right ...


  1. These two metal Guardsmen with plastic busby and gun are probably from the Britain's New Metal range 1970s / 1980s.

  2. Thanks for identifying them! I only have a beginner's working knowledge of all the different Britain's ranges, and I have looked for a comprehensive website, but it's difficult to find information online ...