Thursday, 18 November 2004

Old West Mexican

Old West Mexcian 1

Old West Mexcian 1,
originally uploaded by robartesm.

This is as much a test of the Flickr post-to-blog gizmo as anything else, but anyway. The figure you should see pictured on the left here is one of the first ones I painted with some of the Foundry Paint System paints I bought at Crisis. His jacket (both green and yellow colours) and the red shirt have been painted with the Foundry colors. The trousers are Vallejo, but I really went to town with power highlighting on them to match the Foundry highlights.

Overall, I think it worked out quite well. Any reactions?


  1. Bart, does this mean that you are building a posse for 'Legends of the the Old West' then? The paint job is impressive and the foundry paints seem effective - I look forward to seeing it in the round though.

  2. It does mean I'm looking through my Old West stuff again, inspired by the release of LotOW, yes. I do have about 30 or so figures already painted for Old West, so I think I can already build a few posses. Still haven't ordered the rules, though.