Saturday, 14 May 2005

Blitzkrieg commander game - 1944

Tuesday night in Zemst. Bart anf Filip teamed up using Filip's nice new American troops. They were playing against my newly painted and based Germans. We played a Blitzkrieg Commander 'encirclement scenario', which required my battalion and supporting Panther, a pair of stugs and an 88, to get across the table. The enemy simply had to stop us.

Against me were a batallion of infantry and a batallion of shermans (some confusion being cause by the fact that we used a pre-prepared British army list but with Filip's troops).

The game didn't last long. I lost my Panther straightaway, the 88 got caught in the open and the infantry got stuck in the village, only to be kicked out by a bold Yankee assault. Oh well. It was a fun game. And we met Filip for the first time, which was nice, and he and Bart had fun speaking thick rural dialect with each other.

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