Thursday, 14 September 2006


I've been a big fan of the Battlecry gaming engine ever since it was published. Likewise, I also like Memoir44 and C&C Ancients, exactly because they use the same engine. This gaming systems were developed by Richard Borg, and they have drawn quite some attention over the years.

Even my own Te Wapen fantasy rules are based on the ideas found in these games.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised that Days of Wonder will publish a fantasy version, called Battlelore. More info on:

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  1. I've seen the game in action at Spiel this year but I'm hesitating to buy it. Have you played it there? Is it better than C&C Ancients or BattleCry?
    I also hope some of the blogwriters will post an article about this year's Spiel. What goodies have you returned with :-)