Monday, 25 September 2006

Now that's a wargame terrain!

This Sunday, we took the kids to the Efteling. The visit itself was very nice but off topic for this blog, except that in one building we only ended up in because we were looking for a toilet, they had a giant diorama of a big mountain valley with trains, cars, boats, and what not - the ultimate wargames terrain:


The picture shows only a small part of the entire setup - it wraps around in the distance on both sides. My wargamer's brain went in over drive with the possibilities of gaming on it :)

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  1. Yes, the famous Anton-Pieck diorama's in De Efteling.
    As a kid, I could watch these for hours. It's one of the main reasons I went into modelrailroading, and later into miniature wargaming.