Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Skaven Rocket Team

In 1993, I attended EuroGencon. Apart from the Magic The Gathering craze that was starting, I also participated in a fantasy wargaming tournament using rules designed by Martin Hackett.

Part of the fun was that the army lists did leave a lot of room for designing your own troops. Instead of saying 'catapult' or 'trebuchet', it would simply say, 'war machine'. So I came up with a rocket launcher for my skaven army. Starting from a Nippon Rocket Team, I made a very small conversion of 2 skaven models; giving one a rocket to hold, and another a torch to light the fuse.


I didn't do well in the tournament though ;-)


  1. Great looking model, and an effective conversion. I think that the quest for the perfect fantasy ruleset will need to be continued real soon now :).

  2. Cool conversion. It would make a great unit filler too.