Sunday, 30 August 2009

Various Work In Progress figures

Most of this month's painting output has been featured in [a few]( [earlier]( [posts]( and even [several]( [battle]( [reports](, but just to show that I wasn't lying about my painting output this and last month, here's a shot of what's in my painting desk awaiting basing:

Various completed units waiting for basing

Additionally, currently being painted (and on track to be finished by the end of this month, otherwise known as tomorrow) are a load of vehicles for my [modern British army]( They just need camo painted and a final weathering drybrush and they're done (unless I decide to do some extra detailing). The two finished ones are there for color reference while painting.

British modern 1:285

There's 4 Challenger II tanks, 3 AS90 Braveheart SP artillery, a radar mortar range finder (counter battery radar), a communications vehicle I'm going to be using as battery FO, 4 medium trucks, 5 early Warriors and 8 improved Warrior IFV's. Oh yeah, and a Lynx helicopter with TOW missiles as well.

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  1. Woow you guys have been really busy these last two months. I love it.
    The skaven BB team was especially interesting. It made me go back through some older posts as I was looking for some more info on your layered painting technique. But every post distracted me and I haven't encountered what I was looking for yet. ;)
    Great Site, great blog! Keep the posts coming.