Friday, 7 January 2011

State of the Republic

I was already writing up my wargaming plans for the year, when I saw Bart's post appear. So here's my list of projects for 2011, and a little reflection on 2010.


- Actually, I didn't make that much progress this year in terms of new figures or games. A couple of years ago I made a promise to myself not too buy any new ***unpainted *** figures (emphasis is important here) as long as I still have unpainted stuff left lying around. So, I have been slowly chipping at my unpainted collection. See the Samurai posting below to see some recent work.

- My forte has always been more in the games designing and rules writing, rather than in painting. We have experimented quite a lot with a Napoleonics Divisional rules based on the original writings of Paddy Griffith. Also, I ran an experimental matrix-style game, in which all players could control all of the forces (of both sides) all the time. Great fun.


- More painting of unpainted figures. I have the grandiose plan of trying to finish everything by the end of 2011. I haven't made an exact count yet, but that should several hundred figures. So far this year, I have finished quite a few: 20 20mm Vietcong; about 8 28 mm Copplestone Future Wars; and 3 flats(!) acquired through Berliner Zinnfiguren. As you can guess, my painting standards should not be too high. The Army Painter dip is a blessing from heaven!

- More 'committee' games. I would like to run some more of these, stressing cooperation between players, and often (but not always) involving a miniature component on a classic gaming table.

- Experimenting with a new 'look' for the gaming table. I've become enamored with flats, or maybe I should try out some of the more classic toy soldiers in 42 mm as produced by Shiny Toy Soldiers or Irregular.

- Organization of more games with my collection of figures: WW2, WW1, ACW, SciFi, Fantasy, ...

- The quest for the ultimate fantasy ruleset continues!

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