Monday, 24 January 2011

Celtic & Roman command figures

I've shown you these [earlier]( while their bases were unfinished. They're finished now, so here they are in detail:

BSG and standard bearer

Bartholomeus Sinister Grassus and his personal standard bearer. His personal standard being, as always, a duck on a blue field. One might almost call it a duck rampant on a field of azure, were that not silly.

Roman command

Next up is BSG's trusty lieutenant, Marcus Valerius Hillock. In my old DBM days, he usually commanded the auxilia off on a hill somewhere -- hence hillock. Here he is shown with some Celtic prisoners.

Roman cavalry commandRoman decurion

And two extra junior commanders for the Romans, as yet unnamed. One cavalry type, one foot slogger.


And finally Bartolomix, Celtic chieftain. This actually the second figure representing Bartolomix (the first one being [here in this post]( which also shows the Celtic version of the duck banner) but I could not pass up on the opportunity to depict him being carried on his shield.

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