Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Halfling Civil War

As part of my efforts to paint up figures acquired many moons ago, I came across a bunch of halfling figures (originally Grenadier, now to be found at [Mirliton Fantasy](, marketed as 'half-men'; the same figures also appear as Copplestone figures, so I am somewhat confused about their real origins). These days, I paint my figures rather quickly, and use the Armypainter dip (medium tone) to give the figures a deeper shade.

Just for fun, I decided to depict them as a 2 armed gangs of smugglers meeting along the riverside. The cardboard buildings are old Townscape Games Workshop buildings from the eighties. The boat is a 'botter' from [Shifting Lands](

Note the flag carried by one of the halflings - regular visitors to the Dutch amusement park The Efteling should recognize the face as Holle Bolle Gijs - a proper flag for the always-hungry halflings.




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