Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Prussian Flats - Von Winterfeldt Regiment

The pictures below show my first attempt at painting flats. I ordered a unit from [Berliner Zinnfiguren](, and painted them up in a rather simplistic style with a minimum of layering. The regiment shown is the (Seven Years War) Prussian 1st Musketeer Regiment Von Winterfeldt. I used the same decor as the halfling pictures below - it saved me some time of getting out my proper 18th century buildings ;-)

Although they look not as nice as the multi-layered flats one can find online (and which are real pieces of art), I prefer this toy-soldier style for gaming purposes much better.






  1. These look great (and I have seen them up close so I can vouch for that :) ). What's your plan with these, army and rule wise?

  2. I was thinking of building a small force of 4 infantry regiments, 2 cavalry regiments, and 1 artillery regiment for 2 armies. That should give us a nice force to play a couple of games. If this style of SYW suits our gaming group, we can always extend the armies.
    As for rules, the figures cry out for an old school ruleset, but you know me, I never can resist the temptation writing something up myself.