Friday, 25 January 2013

Blast from the Past ...

A couple of years ago I described on this very blog some of my early memories of wargaming (see part5, work back from there ...).

Thanks to the excellent archiving capabilities of fellow early wargamer Eddy S., some documents were unearthed that once formed the basis of a grandiose magazine 'Wargaming' (IIRC).

Our plan for world-domination was to publish a fanzine for the wargaming enthusiast. Because this was the time before the wide availability of computer (I am talking 1981-1982), articles were typed on a classic typewriter, and fancy headers were drawn by hand. I remember that I produced at least 2 issues, but I must have lost them over time. But now, thanks to Eddy who never throws anything away, 2 articles have resurfaced.

Below are 2 photographs, only of the first page of these articles - written in Dutch. At least we were confident enough (as only 16-year old can be) that we were going to change the wargaming world!

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