Thursday, 24 January 2013

Wet Paint: Celtic Command

Fresh on the painting table, some Celtic command bases:

IMG 3178

These will all be commanders in Hail Caesar, under the able leadership of general Bartolomix. Figures are mostly Foundry, except for the black chariot, which is of course the Warlord Games Boudicca model. And yes, the other one is Foundry's Bouddicca—one can never have enough Boudicca's in a Celtic army :). Finally, the third figure from the left is the Ambiorix figure given away to visitors of the Crisis convention some years ago. Although we attend Crisis as a club and thus do not get the figure, I managed to get my hands on two of them through various devious means :)

This nets me 14 points (4 horses, 2 chariots and 8 figures), bringing my painting total up to 60 for January. Better pics to follow when their bases are completed, as usual.

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