Sunday, 6 April 2014

Oldhammer - Psammon's Tower from Redwake River Valley

One of the first buildings I used for my fantasy wargaming games - using Warhammer 1st edition - was a scratch-built wizard's tower, modeled after an illustration in one of the booklets on the boxed set.

The tower was the home of the wizard Psammon, who was terrorizing the Redwake River Valley using his small army of Orcs. The idea of the adventure was that the adventurers had to travel to the tower and take out Psammon.

Anyway, as a starting wargamer on a shoestring budget, the only real option for having some scenery was scrach-building it yourself. So I made the tower, using a cardboard tube, paint, and cardboard. I tried to mimic the illustration as close as possible.  For some reason, I never threw it away, and it still belongs to my collection.

Page 29, Vol3 of Warhammer 1st edition shows an illustration of Psammon's tower. My scratch-built version made from a cardboard tube.

Two old orc figures, and an old wizard figure from the late eighties. The wizard figure is listed in the 1991 Citadel Catalogue as Hutk-Nke Plague Priest.

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