Sunday, 6 April 2014

Oldhammer - Ruined Temple from White Dwarf 135

 White Dwarf 135 contained an article on how to build your own ruined temple. Using some styrofoam, the ruins were quickly assembled, and featured in quite a lot of battled on my old ping-pong table during the early nineties.

The ruined temple was also shown in some subsequent White Dwarf, including 137, which showed the famous Skaven army by Andy Chambers. Pictures of thata rmy, along with some photographs picturing the original temple, can be seen here.

The photographs below show my efforts from over 20 years ago, along with some proper Oldhammer miniatures. Note the miniature used on the coffin, and some old Townscape cardboard buildings in the background.If you look carefully, you can also see a crow sitting on one of the ledges, and which was borrowed from a zombie figure that had a crow picking his brain (the Zombie-Vulture figure in the 1991 catalogue).

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