Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Some Warfare Miniatures GNW

Some time ago, Warfare Miniatures owner Barry Hilton was kind enough to send me (and some other potential interestees, if that's a word) some samples of figures for a new range he is building for the Great Northern War (in which I happen to have a more than passing interest). I received two figures—a Swedish ensign and a Russian Streltsi officer.

Here they are painted:

The Swedish ensign was painted up as for the Kronobergs regiment (in the siege lines of Poltava itself at the time of the battle), while the Russian officer is painted up as a generic (vaguely Moscowish) Streltsi officer.

For the interested, the range is not yet available but coming soon, and if the figures live up to some of the pictures I have seen of them, I predict an upsurge in popularity for my favourite period!

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