Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Oldhammer: Armoured Skeletons

For the past couple of years, I am slowly working through my pile of unpainted lead. And I am making progress. The net influx of new unpainted figures has been lower than the output of painted figures, so there's hope!

Anyway, with my interest in Oldhammer lately, I have been working on undeads that were acquired late eighties, early nineties. Finished today are a couple of skeletons. The problem with painting such old figures is that a large part of my undead figures were painted more than 20 years ago. I try to match the painting style I had back then, but that's not always easy. The skeletons below were all bought in blisters (except for a few crew figures from the Skeleton Chariot), labeled as "Armoured Skeletons", if I remember correctly.

Anyway, here are the pictures (shot with my iPad) ...

The first 8 skeletons are listed in the 1991 Citadel catalogue (the one I use the most frequent as a reference, since most of my Citadel miniatures were acquired back then - see pages on Skeletons), from left to right:
  1. Axe 1
  2. Axe 9
  3. Halberd 5
  4. Mace 2
  5. Axe 7
  6. Axe 5
  7. Screamer from the Skeleton War Machines set
  8. Scythe 8
And here's a second batch:

From left to right:
  1. Halberd 2
  2. Hellblade from the Skeleton War Machines set
  3. Axe 4
  4. Axe 1
  5. Reaper from the Skeleton War Machines set
  6. Hammer. This is an interesting figure, because it has a cast shield (not a plastic add-on one), and is listed as a Chaos Warrior in the 1988 catalogue. I couldn't find an earlier reference for this figure so far. I also don;t remember whether he came in a Chaos Warrior blister, because I also have quite a few of them lying around.
  7. Halberd 5
  8. Scythe 5


  1. They look just great - I love some of the shield work that you've done, especially on Axe #4. It's a great collection of minis!

  2. Matthew,

    Thanks for the nice comments. Next up is the Nightmare Legion, currently on my painting table, but that might take another week or so to finish.