Sunday, 7 December 2014

Bataille de Mont St-Liselle (Napoleonic 6mm)

Below some pictures of our latest Napoleonic 6mm game. Both the French (commanded by Koen Devroey) and the British (commanded by Bart Vetters) wanted to take the hill, on top of which the chapel devoted to St-Liselle was located. The British started with half their force already deployed on the hill, and half their force in town. The French attacked in full force from the edge of the battlefield.

The rules we use are an adaptation of Oh My God! Anything but a Six! by Otto Schmidt. We like the rules because they play fast, and the focus of the game is on manoeuvre. A first playtest several months ago resulted in several modifications to the original rules, and this game also will result in several more adjustments. One of the things that can be streamlined is the damage system. Troops place counters to indicate where damage is done, this damage is then saved for, then determined what the damage entails. Then there is another rally phase, where resulting status counters can also be removed. The final result is a lot of dice rolling (YMMV), resulting in relatively little effect on the battlefield. So, we probably will fiddle with the characteristics of troop types such that less dice rolling yields more or less the same result.

Anyway, Bart had to leave around 11pm, so I took over command for British. Two turns later, the British were routed from the battlefield.

Bart is skillfully moving his reconnaissance troops to hold up the enemy advance.
General overview of the table. No matter what you do,
a wargaming table always tends to collect a lot of clutter.
The chapel of St-Liselle, focus of the battle.
Clutter on the wargaming table can take many different forms.
In this case a glass of Talisker Single Malt Whisky.
All troops from both sides have just distributed their fire on the enemy.
Now all these counters needs to be saved for.
Bart is mocking Koen, letting him to believe he can still win.
In the end, the French won indeed ;-)


  1. Phil, Are these the old 6mm Irregular figures that you lot got me involved in when I first came to Brussels in 2000? The ones we played PoW with?

  2. Graham,

    They might be, but I am not sure. I know I acquired assorted 6mm from all sorts of people after POW died out a couple of years ago, so yes, that might well be a possibility.

    1. Well I still have the Polish 8th Corps and a scad load of Russians. My posting here comes to an end in 2016. Then it is retirement or back to Belgium. Retirement may mean trips to Brussels for games - and 6mm are nice and portable :) I am presently awaiting a set of Blucher which may well make use of my smaller scale figures