Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Oldhammer: The Nightmare Legion, Addendum

In my post about the Nightmare Legion, I had doubts whether the standard bearer was part of the boxed set sold as The Nightmare Legion during the late eighties.

Looking through the 1988/1989 catalogues on solegends.com, gave the answer. I went to the cabinet in which I keep my old undead miniatures, and indeed, I did find the standard bearer that is part of the legion. I must have painted him many years ago, and for some reason, another standard bearer ended up in the small box in which I keep my unpainted undead miniatures.

On the right you see the standard bearer I painted up a few days ago, and which I tought was part of the set. However, on the relevant catalogue pages, he is listed a a general figure under the "Skeleton Command" range. The figure on the left is part of the Nightmare Legion. Apparantly the banners are cardboard, so I assume I cut them out from the box in which the miniatures were originally sold.

For reference, here's the original boxcover in which the Nightmare Legion was originally sold:

And as another addition, I also painted up 3 Games Workshop Spirit Host miniatures (available around 2004 and later?) I had still lying around:

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