Monday, 5 January 2015

What will we do in 2015?

Let's make some (realistic?) wargaming plans for 2015....
  1. More games. 2014 has not been a game-rich year. This was partly due to the construction of my own wargaming room (although I see it was finished last february ...), but mostly because my real job was a bit tough at times. Let's hope 2015 is different.
    What type of games then? That is very hard to predict, but almost a certainty is that I would like to continue our Antares campaign, and do an ACW campaign of some sorts (using hour own houserules, and one of the CS Grant scenario books).
  2. Crisis in Antwerp  is always the annual high-point of the wargaming year in these parts of the world. We have been running games there since 1997. Every year we have a chat about whether we are going to do another game the next year, and we always have a game in the end, although sometimes enthusiasm is lacking. Sometime, I would like to attend Crisis as a convention visitor, rather than a game organizer. Co-blogger Bart already mentioned he has some clever ideas for Crisis 2015, so my visiting and shopping spree will probably not happen in 2015 ;-)
  3. More painting. As I have stated several times before on this blog, I am significantly reducing my mountain of unpainted lead and plastic. I have converged to a point at which I found the compromise between speed and painting quality. I know I will never be an award-winning painter, but I can be a good-enough painter producing figures to be played with.
  4. Rules Design. I love writing and developing my own rules. Perhaps 2015 will be the year in which we finally start developing our ultimate fantasy ruleset? This has become a running joke in our little gaming group, since we have been talking about this for years.
    The core problem is to find a good angle at which to approach this. I do like writing rules, but I also believe one should not just make a clone of an existing ruleset. A housewritten ruleset should have some original core components. E.g. our Antares rules are focused around the die vs distance mechanic, and action points per figure mechanic.
  5. Write 1 or 2 articles for one of the glossies. We have been writing quite a lot over the past 3 years or so. Let's proselytize some more!
And since every blogpost should have a picture, here's an old one from 1994. A game called the "Siege of Kierkegaarde", played in The Lonely Mountain gameshop in my hometown of Leuven.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing what you get done this year.

  2. Great goals - especially about painting more and finding the right balance between speed and detail.
    One question - you mentioned writing an article for the glossies. Do you mean Wargames Illustrated and that sort of thing?

  3. Matthew,

    Yes, I do mean those ;-) Specifically Miniature Wargames with Battlegames. Our gaming group has been writing articles for MWBG during the past couple of years, every year we manage 2 or 3 articles getting published.

    The latest was in MWBG #380, about our Red vs Blue convention game, and before that I had one in #372 titled "Flagstone Fleets". Co-blogger Bart has published various scenarios for the Horse and Musket period.

    Actually it is not that difficult to get an article published, as long as it's well written and you have something interesting to say ;-) Just look up the contributor's guidelines, write something up, and send it in.