Sunday, 11 January 2015

Oldhammer: The Nightmare Legion

I'm still in "the painting zone". Painting goes rather quickly these days, and my morale tests for actually starting to paint keep succeeding.

The next finished unit from my stack of unpainted lead is the Warhammer Nightmare Legion. I probably bought this somewhere around 89-90-91, when I was still in my Warhammer crazy days.

The Nightmare Legion was a set once sold under the banner of "Regiments of the Renown". These were a number of units specifically sold for Warhammer, and which included a number of rank-and-file troopers, but also the the command figures (a banner, musician, leader and champion).See some excellent posts (part 1 and part2) on the Realm of Chaos blog about the history of this range.

This unit will prove to be a good addition to my Undead Oldhammer army.

Note:The drummer was painted a couple of years ago, so he looks a little bit different compared to rest of the unit. I am also in doubt whether this particular standard bearer was part of the legion - at least not based on the numerous photographs to be found on the net. Throughout the years, my collection of unpainted lead has been mixed up quite a few times, hence the confusion.


  1. Looks like an excellent addition for your Oldhammer army Phil!

  2. Your right re your thoughts on the standard bearer - that figure is part of the broader skeleton range. The standard bearer for the nightmare legion has a v shaped standard which is pretty unusual and rather easily broken.

  3. Regarding the standard bearer, I posted an addendum: