Monday, 6 July 2015

Modelkits vs toy soldiers

There have been countless debates about plastic vs metal wargaming figures.Plastic figures have been with us for many years - I still remember the first Games Workshop plastics back in the 80s - and they have seen a real surge through all periods of wargaming.

When discussing plastics vs metals, various arguments are brought forward: number of figures for a certain amount of cash, weight of the figures, crispness of detail, multiposes, ease of painting etc.

However, when I saw the sprues for the new Warhammer: Age of Sigmar game, another thought crossed my mind. These sprues (many pics to be found online, e.g. here) I suddenly thought: these are not toy soldiers, these are model kits.

Now, there's nothing wrong with plastic model kits, and I know that there has been a trend in plastic wargaming miniatures that they do not come as a fully finished soldier in your hands and some assembly is required, but still ... I do feel a toy soldier should be a one-piece figurine, that comes complete out of the box, the blister, the bag, whatever. Otherwise, it indeed feels like a model kit.

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