Saturday, 4 July 2015

Flagstone Fleets revisited

After we had an experiment 2 years ago with fighting naval battles on my blye/grey patio (blogpost, rules), this weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity to try it again. Hot temperatures, no rain in sight, and a lazy friday evening was the ideal setting for another Flagstone Fleets encounter. For those interested in the full story of how this game came about, I gladly refer to Miniature Wargames w Battlegames #372.

The cast was limited, only 2 players (Bart and Harry), with me umpiring. I also took all the photographs, so you only see both protagonists tinkering about their moves, along with the ships and the islands.

Ships are mostly cardboard ships from the Pirates game by Wizkids some years ago, along with some metal models from Peter Pig. Islands are Kallistra Hexon terrain pieces.


  1. I'd have never thought to try playing something in this scale. And I mean scale in terms of both the play area and the disparity between the huge play area and tiny models. It's genius!

  2. Thanks, of course, playing on the patio is a bit of a gimmick, and you could play exactly the same game on a gridded table of much smaller size. But as you see, the dimensions of the game, and the fact you walk and crawl between the playing pieces make it a unique experience.

  3. Splendid looking game and so tempting to do...