Saturday, 14 May 2016

Imaginations in 42mm (5)

It has been a few weeks since I was able to paint some more figures for my 42mm project (the main reason here), but here you see my progress from last evening.

The figures are irregular 42mm, from the Balkan Wars range, and are Russians/Bulgarians. I will use them in an imaginations setting, so I am not constrained w.r.t. actual uniforms etc. I chose green as the dominant colour (that's also why they got an undercoat in green).

The figures you see are only the initial stage, allowing me to experiment a bit with the overall colour scheme. The idea is still to use simple block painting only, with limited shading, but using gloss varnish as a way to let them shine. Each unit (6 infantry, 1 officer, 1 flag bearer) should have some distinctive colour markings identifying the regiment - in this case in red.

The flags have a simple design, amd the idea that as the games progress, battle honours etc. will be added such that the flags become gradually more complex.

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