Saturday, 21 May 2016


I finished painting 2 teepees yesterday.

These teepees were part of the Old West collection of wargaming buddy and co-author of this blog, Bart V. But a few years ago, our entire Old West collection was consolidated as part of my collection, hence the teepees are now in my possession. Bart only managed to paint one teepee, back in 1997 (the leftmost one), and because I am running an Old West game this weekend, this was the perefect incentive to finally paint up the last two. The paintjob is not as steady as Bart's, but it will do :-)

I must confess I didn't look up painting schemes for actual teepees, but rather on some photographs of wargaming scenery in the magazines. So probably these teepees are closer to what we think they should look like rather than what they actually looked like.

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