Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Imaginations in 42mm (8)

In a previous series of blogposts I commented on my initial 42mm imaginations armies. The project has been dormant for some time, but I decided it's time to get things moving again.

The photographs below show the lay-out of the initial battle. The "Blue" army will try to occupy a series of positions (2 hills and a bridge) outside the city of XXX of "Green" army (all names still to be decided ... ;-)), in order to set up artillery positions to attack the town in a later stage.

The time period of this project is late 19th, early 20th century. This allows for some technology to be included, but still allows for late 19th century pomp w.r.t. fancy army uniforms etc.

As for the scenery elements, I have reused some of the buildings of our Blue Lotus game. Adding some items such as cars or telegraph/telephone poles makes it look as if we are indeed have a setup in the technological era. It makes an "old" city, still having its city walls, a believable setting.