Saturday, 4 March 2017

Upcoming Dragon Rampant game

I took some pictures of our upcoming Dragon Rampant game. I am not a big fan of "construct your own warband for 24 points" games, so I usually set up a scenario, and plop down a number of units that hopefully will provide an interesting scenario.

For this specific game, I decided to field an Elven army against a Chaos army. Most figures are rather old, going back the early nineties.

The Elves are as follows:

Elven Army
  • Elven Prince: Elite Foot + Invisibility (Advanced Heroquest figure)
  • 3 Archer units: Light Missiles + Sharpshooters (Warhammer 4th edition figures)
  • 3 Spearmen units: Heavy Foot (Warhammer 4th edition figures)
  • Wizard: Light Foot + Spellcaster (Advanced Heroquest figures and an old Citadel familiar)
  • Giant: Elite Foot (Marauder Miniatures giant)
  • Dragon: Greater Warbeast + Flame Attack, Flying, Ranger (Ral Partha)
  • Eagle: Greater Warbeast + Flying, Ranger, Wild Charge (Citadel Eagle)
The forces of Chaos:

Chaos Army
  • Champion: Elite Foot + Ranger, Invisibility, Enchanted Weapon (Old 3rd edition Slaanesh Champion)
  • Wizard: Light Foot + Spellcaster (Citadel Wizard and a Chaos familiar)
  • 4 Beastmen units: Heavy Foot + offensive (Old Citadel Beastmen, 3rd edition)
  • 2 Minotaur units: Elite Foot + Ranger (Citadel Minotaurs, 3rd edition)
  • 2 Tree Spirits: Greater Warbeast + Ranger 9Reaper Bones figure and a Horrorclix figure)
  • Spider: Greater Warbeast + Ranger , Wild Charge, Venom (Ral Partha)
We use an hexified version of the rules (see earlier blogpost), and draw 3 random spells for wizards to use throughout the game. That adds some more fun and unexpected tactics.

The scenario focuses on 5 sacred statues situated along the river. The side who controls the most statues at the end of the wargaming day wins the game. The Elven army is closest to the status initially, and they have archers, but the Chaos forces have some more melee power, so it should be an interesting scenario.

Overview of the table. Chaos starts in upperleft corner, Elves in lowerright corner.

Statues along the river. Note also the "enchented forest". Forests are always enchanted ;-)


  1. I look forward to the battle report. Great looking terrain and figures.

  2. p.s are the amendments for hexs the same as LR?

    1. Yes, as described here: