Wednesday, 6 June 2018

An Early Warhammer Review

I was adding issue #6 from Miniature Wargaming (published November 1983) to the Wargaming Magazine Index (now counting over 4000 entries), and suddenly came upon this review of the first edition of Warhammer. Since Warhammer was first published in 1983, this must be one of the earliest reviews of Warhammer available.


  1. Funny to see that even back then the lack of point-costs for you units were considered a detriment of the rules 😁

  2. There is also a review of Warhammer in a early issue of White Dwarf. This might be slightly biased though...

  3. Nice find. I played a fair bit of 2nd Ed then life intervened. It was clean and fast system back in the day.