Saturday, 23 June 2018

Wargaming Magazines

This was posted some time ago on Youtube, but it's interesting to see how other people approach their wargaming magazine collection.


  1. An interesting post and I totally understand his point of view.It goes someway to explaining why I still buy all the magazines even though they have little that is of relevance to me anymore.

  2. Fascinating
    Tore me in two watching it
    Part of me says get rid if you cannot use - part of me says valuable resource
    I did stop subscribing as I thought I was n't learning anything
    More modern stuff is primed to appeal to the eye
    I thought pre-2000 mags were great reference points
    Post then chrome then content (IMHO)

  3. For me, the magazine articles give an insight on how the hobby developed over the decades. You see an evolution going from the 80s, 90s ... all the way to the present day. I think it's important at least some of us try to maintain complete collections. Not all articles are as interesting, but all the magazines together from the archive of our hobby.