Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Imaginations in 42mm (17)

I finally painted one of the buildings I acquired some time ago.

Technically, they are a too small for the figures, but I think they go well visually with the 42mm toy soldiers.


  1. I use buildings designed for 28mm figures for my 40mm and they look okay I think .

  2. I rather like underscale buildings. It might be partly nostalgia but also as a compromise between ground scale and figure scale. Anyway I much prefer a village with 2 small houses to a single big one.

    Mind you, I'm surprised that none of these soldiers have stopped for a beer!

  3. Undersize buildings do seem to look "right" somehow - are they Irregular Miniatures figures?

    1. Yes, 42mm Irregular from their Balkan range.

  4. Yes indeed, smaller-scale buildings usually work better. I never understood those wargamers who want their buildings at the same scale as their figures, except perhaps for skirmish games.