Thursday, 2 January 2020

Oldest magazine so far entered

Thanks to Rich Clarke from Too Fat Lardies, I acquired a number of old Battle Magazines for the Wargaming Magazine indexing project.

I just entered the January 1977 issue of Battle, the oldest magazine issue currently in my magazine collection.

There's an interesting article in there by Charles Grant about setting up a wargames campaign. And even though it's 40 years old, it's still very much recognizable. Perhaps wargaming hasn't changed that much after all through the decades ... ;-)


  1. The Battle was a wonderful wargaming magazine. The early issues were more militaria but as the magazine grew the wargaming articles were great. It was a real shame when it folded.I was lucky enough to obtain the full series and still return to them for inspiration.

    1. Quite right. I only got hold of my issues 2 months ago, but the articles indeed contained many inspirational ideas, although perhaps a bit dated by now. But still interesting for a historical perspective on the hobby.