Monday, 29 March 2010

Roman auxiliary cavalry

I still need to matt varnish them, but here are the next addition to the Romani Plasticii:

Roman auxiliary cavalry

12 Wargames Factory Romans (well, slightly civilised Celts more probably) on horses, for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Painting Log: Roman auxiliary cavalry

Right, that's 12 [Wargames Factory]( [cavalry]( done dipping style. The figures are nice and poseable, though a few of the horses have very weird heads.

As these were not provided with shield transfers I did a very basic free hand design (a stylised eagle over an equally stylised wreath) after the figures were dipped.

Any remorse I might have felt at awarding myself full painting points for dipped figures is now completely gone, after noticing that the time you win in painting, you lose in assembling as the 12 figures took a whopping 4 hours to clean and assemble completely.

So, that's 24 points done for a total of 39 this month. Seems things are picking up.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Swedes on horses

Pictures of the recently painted stuff. First the cavalry:

Åbo och Björneborgs Läns ryttare

And next two views of Major General Roos:

Major General Roos 1

Major General Roos 2

All the figures are Reiver Castings. On a related note, I have decided to follow the 1:35 ratio of Beneath the Lilly Banners ruleset (which makes sense, as my infantry are to that specification) for the cavalry. That means that the two bases (six figures in total) form an entire squadron - less figures to paint :).

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Painting Log: 1st company Åbo och Björneborgs läns cavalry and a major general

The first of the Swedish cavalry are done - they're the first company (half squadron) of the (and I shudder to think in how many creative ways I'm spelling the Swedish here) Åbo och Björneborgs läns ryttare.

A company in 1:20 for Swedish cavalry regiments around the time of Poltava comes to (very roughly) 6 figures, so a squadron is 12. I'll be trying to paint a squadron for each of the regiments present in the main battle at Poltava (11 or so) - these are the first.

The figures are Reiver Castings whose horses look absolutely horrendous in the metal, but who luckily do look the job when painted and based up.

I also finished the first command figure - major general Roos, who took a third of the infantry strength of the army off to swan about trying to capture redoubts instead of bypassing them. He'll be based on a somewhat elaborate base, so he gets three points instead of the normal 2 for a mounted figure.

As always, pictures to follow, but I'm counting 15 points for these - 12 for the 6 cavalrymen, 3 for Roos. Next up is probably a bunch of Romans again, as my black primer has run out for the moment (and the Romans are grey primered).