Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Wet paint: De Ligne Austrians & an old codger

A fairly busy period in real life has conspired with a case of the wargaming doldrums to keep output on this blog and painting wise very low (okay, nonexistent) over the last few months. These things go in cycles, and this was the down part of that cycle.
Things are picking up again however, so I can finally report something painted again:

IMG 1414

The above are 12 Perry Austrians painted to represent the De Ligne regiment in light—or 'pike'—grey facings. I picked this regiment because the lands of the Prince de Ligne include the part of Belgium where my Alma Mater (the KU Leuven) is located. I also lived a block away from a road named after the Prince De Ligne back when I was doing my Ph.D. in another life. So, nostalgic reasons :)
They are joined on the basing queue by this gnarly fellow:

IMG 1415

I think he's a Foundry gent, either Darkest Africa or Old West range. He will join my (largely dormant) Darkest Africa collection to become a somewhat under the weather explorer.