Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Some more Swedish Great Northern War fellows

We played a game with my Great Northern War collection yesterday and I've gotten into the habit of painting up something new for each game. In this case, it was a squadron of Swedish cavalry and a 6Pdr gun, also Swedish.

Nyland Horse:

IMG 2690

IMG 2691

Figures are from Reiver, with the squadron leader's horse (the falling one) from Front Rank.

And the 6 pounder battery:

IMG 2692

The gun and bucket man figures are from Foundry, the other two figures are Reiver.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Bavarian 1st Chevaulegers, 2 more squadrons

These have been painted a while ago, but I only got round to basing and photographing them just now. Here are the final two squadrons (the first two are here):

IMG 2676

The flag is of course totally ahistorical (I don't think the cavalry units tended to take their standards along on campaign and this flag is obviously seriously over dimensioned), but that's a bit of wargamer's license I'm totally comfortable with :).

Figures are Wargames Foundry, painted in two layers.