Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Recovered pictures from our CRISIS 2000 ACW game.

In the blogpost listing all our Crisis games since 1998, the ACW game we staged in 2000 was pictureless. Thanks to the efforts of long-time contributor Bart Dils, a couple of pictures were recovered. This game was constructed by Bart Dils and Bart Vetters.

Bart Dils and Bart Vetters, both at a very young age!

Bart Vetters posing with some trophies for his excellent paintwork.

Venusian Infantry

Here's my latest paintjob. Some quick and dirty painted figures from Blue Moon Manufacturing, from their Aliens and Spacemen range. These particular figures are Venusian Infantry, and might see some action in one of our future Antares 2401 games.

(Picture taken with iPad)

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Drakenslag: more painted dragons

A few more painted Dragons, that will feature in our convention game "Drakenslag" at CRISIS this coming weekend. All figures are from Reaper - Bones range.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Paint rack

Picture of my current paint rack. What's the oldest pot of paint you can spot?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Jealous ...

I am currently painting up some miniatures for our upcoming covention game, to be staged at CRISIS in a few weeks.

On the painting desk are a few of the Reaper miniatures I acquired from their Kickstarter campaign last year. I went to take a look at the Reaper website for some painting examples. Two figures in particular, the Large Earth Elemental, and the Spirit of the Forest, both currently on my painting desk, made me almost give up on painting. The painted examples are so well done, that in those few seconds looking at them, I really had an existential crisis (pun!) about my painting skills.

(Photo from Reaper website)
But, after those few seconds, I realized there's no point in putting the paintbrush down forever. I might never that level of sophistication, but at least the figures that will grace my table will my painted figures. And that is worth a lot.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Some World War 1 pictures

My permanent wargaming room is next to the entrance hallway of our house, and has a window such that visitors waiting at the front door can easily take a peek in. Once they enter, and unless the door is closed, they usually immediately notice the toy room, as it is called by the other residents of the house.

Hence, I always try to have a nice display of figures set up, almost as if a game could get started any minute. This makes it easier to talk about the hobby, as otherwise stuff needs to be taken out the drawers etc.

So, currently, I made a setup featuring part of my WW1 collection. Also, somewhat appropriate, with the invasion of Belgium being 100 years ago these days. Enjoy.

Drakenslag: painted miniatures

For this year's CRISIS convention in Antwerp, the plan is to stage a fantasy battle between dragons, giants and the like, set in the fantasy world of Dor. This is a world that was created over 25 years ago for the Flemish roleplaying game Schimmen & Schaduwen.

The game should portray an epic battle between armies of dragons, each commanded by an actual god. We haven't figure out the actual game mechanics yet, but some of the figures are already done.

Each of these dragons will get an appropriate name in the game, for now I'm designated them by stock fantasy names.

A green dragon which will be featured in the battle, but actually painted something like 15 years ago. Probably a Ral Partha figure?
A red dragon, also painted by me a long time ago. An old Citadel Fire Dragon figure.
An undead dragon, very recently painted. A plastic model from the Castle Ravenloft D&D boardgame.
A brown dragon, from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter set.
One of the gods that will be commanding one of the armies. This figure also from the Reaper Bones Kickstarter set.