Sunday, 29 June 2014

My new wargaming room (part2)

Since the last post on my new wargaming premisses (link), a number of games have been played, and a few minor changes have been implemented.

The south-east corner, with a number of decorations added. A framed version of the poem In Flanders Field, bought in Ypres; a framed cover of the French magazine La Guerre Documentée 1914-1915 showing a Bersagliere and Zouave, and bought in a Parisian bookstore; and a small frame depicting Donald Featherstone with his signature (page from one of his books - I cut it out and framed it). The rank insignia above the light switch are my own, from my old regiment - 1st Grenadiers in the Belgian Army.
The north-east corner also has some additional decorations: a couple of 1960s winebottles originating from Germany with relief figures; a framed picture of me wargaming in my parents house decades ago, and some various other small pictures that somehow relate to my gaming hobby. The whale once featured in a game we ran at Crisis 2009.
The west wall - mostly books and toy soldiers. Also note that I have added half-hexes to the Kallistra terrain. On top of the toy soldier cabinet my old officer's cap, and some beer jugs from various places. Trophies from various wargaming shows also visible in this cabinet.
The cabinet with part of my collection of non-wargaming toy soldiers. The bottom shelf shows a large number of old "flats", dating from the late 19th and early 20th century.
Another cabinet with mostly books and empty whisky bottles. In the middle a number of stereoscopic WW1 photographs.

More pictures can be seen in "My new wargaming room (part 3)"

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Oldhammer: Chaos Dwarfs

We continue our series of some old Warhammer miniatures. Below are some chaos dwarfs. Not the "new" ones with the top hats, but the ones from around 3rd edition or earlier. All of these miniatures were painted somewhere during 1989-1992.

For a more in-depth treatment of Oldhammer Chaos Dwarfs:

The two pictures below show chaos dwarfs with various mutations such as wings, a skeletal face, or one leg. They come from the range pictured here on Stuff of Legends: (1988 catalogue) or (1991 catalogue).

This picture shows a chaos dwarf war machine, the so-called Tenderiser. Full details here:

The last picture shows 4 chaos dwarf swivel guns. See also: