Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Troll and Ogre, Runequest style

In a previous blogpost, I identified some very old Runequest miniatures in my collection.

They finally got painted.

From left to right: Dark Troll with large Axe, Ogre with Flail, Runner with Bow.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Undead Samurai

A couple of quickly painted Undead Samurai ...

I have these figures probably since the late 80s. They are Citadel Miniatures, and according to and Collecting Citadel Miniatures, first appeared in the C18 range in June 1985. There are two other figures here (1st and 3rd from the right), that did not belong to this range.

According to the original names from the C18 range: Bo, Tu, Ne, Jin, Ig, Bek, Yo, ?, Jin, ?
Original catalogue image (June 1985 Flyer):

CWJ added to the index

All 5 issues of the Classic Wargamer's Journal have been added to the magazine index.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Filling up holes in movement trays

Movement trays are very handy in a lot of games. But care has to be taken that the visual look of the game does not suffer. I hate it when half-empty or dirty or ugly movement trays are being used.

For our last game, I quickly made some standard bases with small scenic features which can be used to "fill up the holes". As you can see below, I used some rocks, a small tree, some skulls, a rat, etc.

Place them between your figures in a movement tray, and the visual appeal suddenly goes up by a factor of 10!

As an added bonus, you can give your army some additional flavour: use skulls and graves for an undead army, rats for a skaven army, or general scenery items or wounded figures for any historical army.

Skaven warlord

Another figure I recently finished.

Since Skaven were my original WFB3rd army, back in the 80s, I still have a fond sport for the ratmen. This particular commander was a figure once sold by GW as part of a Lustria campaign setting, and marketed as "Skaven Plaguelord Nurglitch"

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Last CRISIS I bought some Waldvolk from Imaginative Miniatures, the Raven Sorcerer and some Stag warriors. I painted them (not too detailed, my gaming standard :-)) last weekend.

I painted the Stag Warriors in a rather dark brown. I feel this reflects the dark Northern-European mythological feel better. I added some plastic shields to the two miniatures on the right.

The Raven Sorcerer was painted mostly in black and grey. I took the liberty of giving him a red/orangish beak and feet (unlike a real raven), otherwise the figure would be too dark.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

WH40K Dreadnoughts and Eldar War Robot

I finished some WH40K, Rogue-Trader-era, Dreadnoughts for our ongoing scifi skirmish campaign.

These are 2 Space Marine dreadnoughts, and an Eldar War Robot (not an Eldar Dreadnought as I also originally thought).

And here are the original ads as they appeared in WHite Dwars during the late 80s (from

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Some links updated for Great Northern War posts

A few years ago we switched our blog from Wordpress to Blogger. In the process, some links pointing to pdf documents were corrupted, and now and then, some errors still pop up.

I restored links to pdf documents that describe some of our Great Northern War scenarios, in the following blogposts:
And if you're interested in the GNW, you should check out these posts, lots of eye candy!