Friday, 18 October 2019

K9 Gun Dogs

Another quickie: K9 Gun Dogs for the Wild West Exodus game. I have zero interest in this game (I simply don't get these type of settings and 'game worlds' ... ), but the miniatures were provided as a free giveaway with Miniature Wargames. We can probably use them as robodogs in our Antares Scifi campaign.

Friday, 11 October 2019

More Citadel Contrast experiments

To continue my experiment with Citadel Contrast paint, here are 3 police men (Foundry's Police Constables on Penny Farthings). Their blue uniforms are painted with contrast paint, a single layer.

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Grenadier 51016 Undead Troll

An old figure from the 90s - the Grenadier Undead Troll.

I tried Citadel contrast paints again on this model. The body, loincloth and hair are all done with a single coat of contrast paint. Details were later added with normal paints. I must say I really start to like contrast paints.

Photographs below without and with flash, and taken with my smartphone.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Skaven Cavalry

Back when I was just starting in miniature wargaming - mid eighties - we invented all sorts of troop types irrespective of what the "official" army lists said. WFB 3rd edition had formulas for computing how many points troops were worth, so there was no reason to let your creativity run wild. This all changed in later editions of Warhammer, of course.

My skaven army had skaven mounted on wolves. Very uncharacteristic troop types, but I always felt skaven should have cavalry. For some reason, I always imagined skaven riding wolves.

Below some old converted figures dating back more than 25 years, but which never got painted, so I quickly gave them a basic paint coat. The wolves and bodies are goblin cavalry form the old Battlemasters game. The goblin heads were removed an replaced by skaven heads from the old Warhammer Regiments box. The weapons also got replaced by skaven blades from the boxed set. One goblin spear was left as is, to attach a banner.