Saturday, 17 February 2018

Warcon 2018

Today we attended Warcon 2018, a small local gaming convention. Co-blogger Bart (yes, we run this blog with two people, increases the blogpost count :-)), ran a one-man show  and showed a small version of Lesnaya, a Great Northern War battle (see his twitter stream for some live updates). I was merely there for some moral support.

Although I couldn’t attend for a long time myself, a good small con can be very productive for getting your wargaming mojo back.

I did buy a few things from the B&B, and some scenery items and figures from some of the traders. Add the entrance fee, some money for drinks and a sandwich, and before you know it, you have spend 50 to 60 euro. But it's all in good spirits, to support the organizing club and encourage traders to come back the next year. Although I honestly do wonder whether they can make a profit from such small local cons. But I guess that's their decision to make ...

I’m pretty happy with the Citadel combat cards, and one can never enough fantasy monsters, hence the original Gorgon and Bullette AD&D Ral Partha miniatures. Not shown are a dozen painted GW figures from their movie-based LOTR range.

The cards are quite fun and go back to my GW fanboy days during the late 80s and early 90s. Perhaps I can use them somehow as a pre-game mechanic - or simply to decprate the wargaming room.

I was also on the lookout for some old miniature wargaming magazines to add to the wargaming magazines index, but didn't see any ... apart from some old issues of  Strategy & Tactics.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Refighting Arnhem - again

One of our best Crisis games was a kriegspiel like refight of Arnhem on a big custom made terrain, which we schlepped around the shows in 2005/2006. That terrain has since been destroyed (I decided not to take it along on my latest house move), but parts of it -- notably the trees, buildings and railroad -- were recovered.

I spent the last couple of weeks setting up a Kallistra based terrain using this scenery, together with quite a lot of new 3D-printed houses to come up with this:

This time the terrain does not feature the drop zones and villages around them, but starts with the woods west of Oosterbeek and continues to Arnhem. Obviously, some of the forest bases need to be painted and populated with trees (I've got a good sized box of trees left) and the 3D printed houses need to be painted, but this is pretty much the table I'm going to use. The idea is to have the paras land in the fields in the lower right corner (a bit closer to Arnhem then they landed historically) and see where they end up. 

Rules used in the game will probably be Rommel by Sam Mustafa. 

More to follow :)