Monday, 30 December 2019


The Christmas break is always a nice time to bring out some toys and play around with some different setups. I decided to bring out my medievals - many of which date back to the 90s. Plenty of old Citadels on display ;-)

Anyway, I still have a plan to stage a game focusing on the "melee" of a tournament rather than the "joust", so this is a bit of a dry-run of how it could look visually.

All pictures taken with smartphone(s), so focus could have been a bit better here and there ...

General overview of the table. The castle is a plastic toy castle.
Another general overview.
Fishman in the castle pond. He always features in many of my games where there is some body of water.
King and herald, both Citadel knights.
Another overview.
The Joust.
A knight putting on his armour. Foundry vignette.
Knights from the old Battlemasters game.
Old Bretonnia Warhammer knights.
Melee in action.
More melee ...
And even more ...
Another overview.
Piers the Ploughman - Wargames Foundry.
Flock of sheep ...
Another pair of knights fighting it out.
View from the ramparts.
More sheep.
Carnival parade. Eureka miniatures inspired by Breughel and Bosch.
Tax collector inspecting the market stalls.
Nobles (Harlequin figures).
A black-and-white view from the ramparts.
The melee field.
Mercator coming out for some scientific observations ...
The herald.
Rabbit hunt.
Sleeping shepherd.
War engine.
More melee.
Melee once again.
And in the mean time, someone running's off with the treasure ...

Monday, 23 December 2019

Recent additions to the magazine index

I finished adding my remaining copies of Practical Wargamer to the Magazine Index. Only 6 issues are missing in my collection now, which I am currently hunting down on 2nd hand sites.

The missing issues are: March-April 1994, September-October 1995, November-December 1995,  Vol 11/2, Vol 11/6, Vol 11/9, Vol 13/1 (Although I am not quite sure Vol 11/9 does exist. It's a bit hard to recreate since a number of issues didn't have a proper date on them).

So if you have one of those issues to donate, please let me know!

I also have added the first issue of Battle For Wargamers, dated October 1977, and will add more issues in the coming days.