Monday, 30 March 2020

Hyboria (2)

Here's the 2nd installment of Tony Bath's series of articles on his Hyboria campaign that were published in Battle for Wargamers (see here for an index).

This article contains a description of the character generation system, something that was a precursor to character generation in later roleplaying games, and is again testimony of the many radical ideas that Tony Bath pioneered.

Sunday, 29 March 2020


I recently received a large donation of Battle for Wargamers for my indexing project. All magazine shave been entered some time ago, so maybe now it's time to provide the discerning connaisseur wargamer with some selected content.

The first article is from Tony Bath, and describes his classic Hyboria campaign, from the January 1978 issue. I've always been an admirer of how Bath managed to pull this off and setting the scene for what was to come hobby wargaming. In a sense, he has been a more influential figure on the hobby than Don Featherstone, but perhaps we should discuss that over a pint of (Belgian) beer ...

Sunday, 8 March 2020

Some more vintage figures

I got some more vintage figures during the past months.

First, a couple of old pre-Slotta miniatures, from my friend Wim VdB. I particluarly like the old Slann figure.

The, some Ral Partha figures from Eric B. I still have to identify most of them, but using Lost Minis Wiki as a guide, I think not all of them are the originals that came in this box.

And finally, some GW space marines. These feel "new" to me, but by now are also already 27 years old (the box says 1993, and they appear in 1993 catalogues). These are completely in metal, and I was surprised by how heavy they are.  There were only 3 figures in the box, the others are MIA. They will be good additions to my StarMarine force for our Antares campaign, but I'll first file off all the excess skulls ;-)