Tony Bath's Hyboria

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What are the lessons of Hyboria? Well, firstly, what you get out of a game is in relation to the amount of effort you put into it. Secondly, a well constructed fantasy soon takes on its own life, and from that point needs only minimal guidance. Finally, if you want to test the limits of your imagination and still keep the whole thing within a logical framework, there is no better medium than creating a fantasy world. Besides, it's fun!
(White Dwarf #4, December 1977 / January 1978)

Books that feature Tony Bath's Hyboria

Tony Bath's Rules

  • Wargames (Don Featherstone, 1962), has rules for the Ancient Period, attributed to Tony Bath. The History of Wargaming project has reprinted this book.
  • More Wargaming Pioneers (edited by John Curry, History of Wargaming Project), has a chapter "War Games of the Middle Ages and Ancient Times by Tony Bath 1956", originally published by the BMSS Bulletin, June-July 1956, pp 248-252, and continued in BMSS Bulletin, Aug-Sept 1956, pp 266-269
  • Donald Featherstone Lost Tales (edited by John Curry, History of Wargaming Project) has a number of rulesets, including Rules for Ancient Wargames 300BC-AD500, and Medieval Rules, both by Tony Bath. The rulesets in Lost Tales are collections of rules that were previously published in Wargamer's Newsletter.
  • Tony Bath's Ancient Wargaming (edited by John Curry, History of Wargaming Project) has the Peltast and Pila Ancient Wargaming Rules.
  • Naval Wargames (Don Featherstone, 1965), has naval rules for the ancient period, by Tony Bath. The History of Wargaming Project has reprinted this book.

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Other stuff

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  • The Tony Bath Rules –Jurassic Park for Wargamers (Slingshot 257/41-43,Kevin Large)
  • Moving, Firing & Fighting (Slingshot 9/5-7, Tony Bath)
  • On Rules (Slingshot 15/16-18, Tony Bath)
  • On Rule Writing [Peltast & Pila] (83/15-16, Tony Bath)
  • A Points System in Wargames [for Society Rules] (1/8-9 rp.121/4-5, 16/4-5, Tony Bath)
  • Campaigning with the Aid of Fantasy Fiction (9/10-13, Tony Bath)
  • A Potted History of Hyboria (24/6-13, Tony Bath)
  • A Simple Map Campaign (6/25-26,Tony Bath)
  • Characterisation in Hyboria (29/23-25, Tony Bath)