The Blue Lotus (Crisis 2007)

Our game for Crisis 2007 was based on the well-known (at least in Belgium) Tintin album "The Blue Lotus". It is set in China in the 1930s, and our aim was to create a pulp-style game using the background of the comic book as inspiration. The story contains one sequence in which a railroad is blown up, and this sabotage action was going to be the main event. Moreover, there were plans to stage some skirmish fights in the Legations quarter of Shanghai as well.

Although the game looked visually how we planned it, there actually was no game at all. I literally spend painting figures a few hours before I had to pack everything in the car and leave for Antwerp, and I simply didn't have time left to design a game around the figures. My aim was to improvise on the spot. Alas, this improvising didn't happen, and I spend most of the convention day wandering around as a sleepless zombie ;-)

We did take this game to another convention (Red Barons in Gent) a few months later, and we did play a game there, so not all was lost :-)

And here some photographs from the actual game at Crisis:

Do you recognize this advertisment in the photograph above?

This image served as inspiration for the gaming table (see photograph above).

This banner was also used on the gaming table.

Can you spot this imagery in the photo above?

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