Sunday, 27 February 2011

1st Squadron, 1st Dragoons, Bavaria 1809

Finished just in time for the February points cutoff, here's the first squadron of the 1st Dragoons, fresh from under the painting brush:

Bavarian 1st Dragoons, 1st squadron

The 1st Dragoons had 2 squadrons in the 1st Division during the 1809 campaign, so the chaps above will be joined by another two bases currently on the painting table.

Friday, 18 February 2011

1:300 SF scenery

As mentioned in my [State of the Union post](, one of my side projects is Science Fiction ground warfare in 1:300 scale.

Some time ago last year, I managed to buy a few 1:300th scenery items for this project off of Ebay. In order to break up the horde of Bavarians to be painted, I just painted these up, along with two items from a Mainly Miniature Modern Industrial set:

OPF-1: Ore Processing Facility 1


Habitat modules

Air defense missile emplacement

Next on the painting desk are 12 Bavarian dragoons. Men wearing white on horses, in other words.

Friday, 11 February 2011

2nd Bavarian line Infantry, final three companies

And after the [fist half](, here's the rest of the battalion:

2nd Line 2

I sat down and calculated the time spent per figure on this. It came to about half an hour per figure if that. I think I'm getting the hang of this army painting thing :)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Prussian Flats - Von Winterfeldt Regiment

The pictures below show my first attempt at painting flats. I ordered a unit from [Berliner Zinnfiguren](, and painted them up in a rather simplistic style with a minimum of layering. The regiment shown is the (Seven Years War) Prussian 1st Musketeer Regiment Von Winterfeldt. I used the same decor as the halfling pictures below - it saved me some time of getting out my proper 18th century buildings ;-)

Although they look not as nice as the multi-layered flats one can find online (and which are real pieces of art), I prefer this toy-soldier style for gaming purposes much better.





Halfling Civil War

As part of my efforts to paint up figures acquired many moons ago, I came across a bunch of halfling figures (originally Grenadier, now to be found at [Mirliton Fantasy](, marketed as 'half-men'; the same figures also appear as Copplestone figures, so I am somewhat confused about their real origins). These days, I paint my figures rather quickly, and use the Armypainter dip (medium tone) to give the figures a deeper shade.

Just for fun, I decided to depict them as a 2 armed gangs of smugglers meeting along the riverside. The cardboard buildings are old Townscape Games Workshop buildings from the eighties. The boat is a 'botter' from [Shifting Lands](

Note the flag carried by one of the halflings - regular visitors to the Dutch amusement park The Efteling should recognize the face as Holle Bolle Gijs - a proper flag for the always-hungry halflings.