Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Wet Paint: Bavarian infantry

It's been a little while since I posted here, mostly because I moved house in the time between this post and the previous one. The new house has already seen a few games (Great Northern War and Ancients) and has the painting desk set up again. First major output off the painting desk are these:

These are of course more Foundry Bavarians, painted up as the 2nd Infantry Regiment 'Kronprinz'. For those interested, you can tell these apart from their cousins in the 1st Infantry by the colour of their uniform buttons, which are yellow (as opposed to white in the 1st). Button counters take note! 

Also, because us wargamers are interested in that sort of thing, here's a (dark and brooding) picture of my painting desk setup in the new wargame room (aka front bit of my living room). Those with very good eyes (or Photoshop) will recognise some Thirty Years War pikemen, Romans and pack animals around the periphery of the painting desk