Saturday, 10 March 2007

More Romano British Spearmen

The last of the unit have been painted:

Romano British spearmen

I timed the painting for these ones, and it still came out rather high to my likings. To paint these 6 figures, basing included, I needed 3 2 hour sessions, so 1 hour per figure. I still think I should be able to paint faster, and one way I can see this happening is using [LBM]( transfers for the shields, which will probably save me 5 - 10 minutes per figure. It's not that my shield designs are so intricate that they take a long time , it's that a typical shield has around 4 - 5 different colour layers (basic colour in two or three layers and design in two layers, or decal and highlight layer) on it, and that is what takes the time.

Next up to paint are a 1920's 'gangster' Churchill (actually, he's already painted, but needs some grass on the base before photographing) and 8 [Renegade]( Celtic archers, which are primed and awaiting transfer to the painting table.

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